You can never be sure that the jewelry you ordered online is unique. Although most advertisements say so, it is rare for you to find your necklace unique in its category. However, there is hope to have a unique necklace in style, material, and design for making by hand. It is almost impossible to make the same gem twice. If you want, you can measure your necklace; Although you can pay a little higher, there is surety that what you wear is original.

Renowned jewelry houses are known for selling unique necklaces, although the price is generally high. It is because they cannot afford to have two identical pieces because anyone willing to spend a lot of money on diamond jewelry should look unique and original. In particular, movie stars want to look unique and do not want replicas of their clothes. It would not be good for their public image.

Cultured pearls are great unique necklaces. The word "cultured," however, may give the impression that they are not original because they have grown artificially. Manufacturing of pearls in various sizes, shapes, and colors are possible with both salty and fresh water.

With fresh and saltwater, the production of pearls is with a different shape, size, and color. It makes them unique because there are no two same pearls. Even if they are similar, only an expert can make a difference.

Tree of Life Necklace


A tree is strong, and its roots are deep. ASTRA tree of life necklace celebrates growth, movement, and life direction. The lush vegetation combines with the love in your life, the trunk and many branches represent the many journeys of life, while the moving stones in the pendant symbolize the hearts of your loved ones and appreciate more.

The material used for the Tree of Life necklace is of silver, and the plating has two options: Rose gold and White gold. The chain length is available in three variants: 45cm, 60cm and 75cm.

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